Joe Fournier has been able to share with us his unique take on American life, love, and politics through an extraordinarily strong sense of narration and an array of satirical characters. Joe’s art easily traverses the shifting currents in modern politics and conflicting social norms.  He has limited his color palette to just a few hues, which pushes the focus of each piece to his cutting wit and sensitivity which is the strength of this artist. Joe Fournier is a uniquely authentic illustrator using an uncommon yet compelling visual language to help us relate to an extremely divisive counter-cultural climate. 

Joe Fournier grew up in Oak Park, Illinois. He studied music at Lawrence University Conservatory of Music in Wisconsin, focusing on the saxophone and contemporary composition. While studying music in India, he nearly cut a finger off and had to temporarily sideline his music career. While convalescing he started drawing to pass the time and things took off from there. Joe has gone on to become an award-winning illustrator and animator. Publishing with the likes of Playboy Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, The Sun-Times, Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Gotham, Newsday, Musician, L.A. Weekly, Premiere Magazine, and various other publications. 

Joe’s animations have appeared in festivals, both national and international, The National Gallery of Art, The Library of Congress, Blockbuster compilations, a charity program for Afghan refugees, the Star Wars fan film competition on the Sci‐Fi (SyFy) Channel, and the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. 

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